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Features Of A Light Novel.

Light novels are very different from other types of novels. The most common difference that almost every person knows is that this novel is light but apart from that there are other differences. They use the Mange style for the cover. These novels are written with the target readers being the teenagers and young people generally. These types of novels are not very long. The author tells the stories in very few words that make the books Shorts. Styles that make books longer are not used. The novels are read in many parts of the world by they are more popular in Japan. Most of the bookshop in Japan has a copy of light novel.

Japan is where the name of the novels originated. English is not the origin of light novels even if it sounds so. Even when light novel seems to have an English origin, this is not true.Japanese use other words like Wasei-eigo. In Japan they are called Wasei-eigo. Many sections know this word. Outside Japan these books are referred to as Japanese novellas. Their methods of writing are unique.Unlike the common books they only use very few illustrations. A few number of illustration are used in light novels unlike in the other books. The language uses is easy for reading. The only place when an illustration can be place is before a capital. When characters and places are being introduced illustration is suitable.

In the past the illustrations were strictly done in black and white but nowadays some of the writers are using colored ones. Many things have changed in the globe and this forms part of the changes. There are reasons as to why these novels use the anime style. The main reason is their origin. Japan is the origin of these novels. This kind of novel evolved from the pulp magazine. The magazines were initially written using the classic style but with time the made many changes to impress their customers. The old style was replaced with anime style. They then adapted the use of illustrations in specific part of the book.

Magazines incorporated more articles based on movies and also anime. Stories about video games were also added. More people started reading the books more so the new generation and this called for addition of more illustrations. Japanese writers are fond of using poetry in their books. There are many books written in poetry. A light novel is not just a type of book that can be read in few minutes or within a short bus ride. This is a false belief. Length is not what defines a light novel. Some novels were intended for kids yet they talk about things that concern mature people. Other novels do this but Japanese books do not. The reason as to why such mistakes happen is because the author did not do enough research before releasing the book in the market. Books written in Japan know their target audience and they have good scripts.

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