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Why Get Enough Sleep?

People need to sleep and that is the fact.Like food, water, and air, people also need to rest.Of course, everyone gets tired.To achieve the good night sleep or rest, we need to sleep.No matter how much you eat or how fit you are, you will always need the right amount of sleep everyday. There are so many things happening around us that we don’t think about getting a good night’s sleep but instead think that we will sleep when we can.

If you wonder why people fall asleep or need sleep in the first place, you must understand the importance of sleep. Scientifically, sleep is the body’s way of replenishing itself of lost elements. There is a correlation between learning and memory for those that don’t get the sleep that they need and this is especially important for those that are in school or learning new skills.

On a good night of sleep you will travel through each and every one of the five stages of sleep. These are stages 1, 2, 3, 4, and REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep.

While there are five different stages of sleep, the first four stages of sleep are logged to gather and are known as the State non–rapid eye movement or NREM and the fifth and final stage of sleep is the stage known as rapid eye movement or REM sleep.

Stage 1 of Sleep:

During the stages of sleep the first stage of sleep is known as a transitional period and during this time you can be quite easily awakened and will experience the repeating cycle of falling asleep and waking up several times. If you want to improve your sleeping habits, you may ready earplugs guide.

Sleep Stage 2:

This is when rapid brain waves slow down and there may also be short bursts of eye movement during stage two as well. Earplugs guide would be helpful if you have issues with sleeping.

Stage 3 and 4 of Sleep:

This is when brain waves called delta waves achieve a slower pace and become intertwined with smaller and faster waves of the brain.Once the body reaches a deep sleep this is known as stages three and four. If a person is already at stage 4, it would be very difficult to wake this person up.To help you with your sleep, read the earplugs guide.

Sleep Stage 5:

Stage 5 or REM is when breathing becomes faster and more irregular and it is like the person is awake due to muscle activity and eye movement; however, he or she is deeply asleep and this is the time when most dreams happen. Infants and toddlers spend around 50% of their sleeping time in REM period, while some adults rarely get past stage 2 and this is not too problematic, but then again, adults lose crucial sleeping time more than children do. Earplugs guide has to be considered all the time.

NREM and REM have differences on the brain wave.Both the NREM and REM sleep occurs throughout the time when you are asleep and usually during the time that you are sleeping throughout the first one third of the night will consist of NREM sleep, while the sleep you enjoyed during the last one third of the night is typically REM sleep. Also, earplugs guide would help best in this scenario.